Welcome to StillFootage, an online market place for high quality imagery, at a competitive price. We are comprised of a hand picked group of photographers and videographers from around the world to bring you the best of what our cameras can capture.

Our elements can be broken down into three main parts: fine art photography, royalty free photography and video, and event photography and video.

For general inquiry and a request for us to cover your next event, please email [email protected]. To get access to 4K resolution of time-lapse sequences also please email [email protected].

*Images that display any brand/business or represent a brand event can not be bought under the Royalty Free Commercial Use category, and subsequently cannot be used in such a manner. Also images containing people whereas the detailed features of their faces can be made out and/or the face fills more than 1/6 of the frame cannot be purchased for Royalty Free Commercial Use purposes.