StillFootage: Blog en-us (C) StillFootage [email protected] (StillFootage) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:43:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:43:00 GMT StillFootage: Blog 120 61 Photographers, JackPK and KrissyW, Explore Italy Photographers, Jack Kauffman (JackPK) and Krissy Weston (KrissyW), have just completed a nine day exploration of Italy!  Upon landing in Rome they immediately went to work photographing the Vatican and St. Peter's Square.  By the time their six days were up in Rome they had accomplished a multitude of media capture such as time-lapses and hyper-lapses of the Pantheon, countless photos of the Colosseum, Altare della Patria, Roman Forum, Spanish Steps, and much more.  Their next stop was Florence, where they climbed the tower and the dome of Il Duomo to capture the wonderful city-scape.  Next was Cinque Terre, the five magnificent, sleepy fishing villages near La Spezia.  Immediately following was Portofino, followed by Genoa.  

They used a range of Canon lenses as well as one Sigma lens.  Pertaining to camera bodies, Krissy was armed with a Canon EOS T4i (650D) and Jack was armed with a Canon EOS 70D and a Canon EOS 6D.  

Below are only a few of the countless images they captured during their excursion, of which all can be found for sale in the 'image' category of the website (specifically the 'miscellaneous' and 'landscape' categories), with many more to be uploaded in the coming weeks.

Jack and Krissy hope you enjoy viewing the images as much as they did creating them!

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Photographer, BreevB, in Vietnam Hello!

My name is Bree von Bradsky and I am the COO of WildStorm and a photographer for both WildStorm and StillFootage. From September to December in 2014 I was studying abroad in Vietnam. Some people question my reasonings for choosing Vietnam, but there was only one answer, documentary photography.  I wanted to have the ability to share what a beautiful country Vietnam is and the people who make it so. The Vietnam program offered a Photography and Cultures course taught by a Hobart and William Smith professor and I knew that that was where I wanted to spend my semester, and I am so glad I did. 

Sharing stories through photographs has always been what's driven me in the field. Telling a story to someone is much different than being able to show them in a photo or video. Visualization allows people to understand further. I set off to Vietnam with my trusty Nikon D7100 and my three lens: 18-55mm, 35mm, and 55-200mm. I brought a tripod that was easy to travel with since packing light was a necessity. Along with my camera and lens' I brought multiple filters including my favorite, the neutral density filter. WIth it, I am able to indulge in more of a fine arts photography and take blurred photos of people during the brightest hours of the day. 

Taking portraits of the Vietnamese became a focus of mine. Their expressions, clothing, and other physical attributes, including the 'crows feet' wrinkles next to their eyes made each individual special in their own mesmerizing way. As you will see from the photographs I will post on the StillFootage's webpage, the Vietnamese are hardworking, honorable people. I will forever feel a connection to them.

Photography allowed me to be included in peoples life. Taking photographs of them opened doors to conversation (limited due to the small amount of Vietnamese I knew), friendships, and exchange. To take the best close up portraits I used a high aperture (4.5/f) so the background was blurred. For photographs of people working or selling their products I would use a lower aperture (18/f).

When looking back, I am lucky to have had the assignments I was given because it forced me to break out of my comfort zone and into the life of the Vietnamese. With the photographs I took, I will be able to look back and reminisce about these experiences and the stories that accompany them.

While looking through my photographs of Vietnam, I hope you appreciate the culture and become intrigued enough to find out more. Photographing in Vietnam was a strenuous, but rewarding task.





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It's Alive! It's official, as of 24 September 2014 07:15PM EST (USA), the StillFootage™ website has been live.

The idea was conceived in the Spring of 2014 by the CEO and Founder of WildStorm® ( and was put into action in May of 2014.

Over the course of the 2014 summer market research was done and contributing photographers were recruited.

We provide high quality footage and photos from around the world and will continue to add to our libraries constantly; it's only upwards from here - we hope you enjoy the StillFootage™ experience!

Please don't hesitate to contact us with StillFootage™ related inquiry and/or suggestions, we're open to nearly whatever!

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